The Why Behind The Who

Updated: Jan 17

One of the last books I read this summer was Start With Why. It's a book about how successful organizations begin by defining their WHY. Everyone knows what they do and most marketing campaigns are centered around the WHAT of an organization, but very few know why they do it. The book caused me to reevaluate this branding journey that I was on at the time and dig deeper into the cause behind PrintWorksLapel. Why did we exist? What was our purpose? If it was to just make wide-format or direct-to-garment prints, then we had missed it.

What I discovered along this self-reflective journey was that beyond the business side of the print shop, beyond all the print jobs, lies something greater in what we do. We exist to make a difference in people's lives. Maybe this is as simple as a smile to brighten a child's day or maybe it's being able to create that perfect design a customer imagined in their head for that special occasion. The joy that these moments bring are priceless and serve as a reminder that life is much bigger than just our shop. I realized that our purpose is to match awesome people with quality products. We want to link arms with individuals and corporations, equipping and inspiring them to be the very best they can be by offering products and services that enable them to be successful.

And finally, our mission is to challenge the norm. We want to take the limits off of printing and challenge the perception of what is possible.

Now that the WHY had been defined, we could move on to creating our logo and in turn our branding voice. When we first decided to rebrand this year, the potential was endless. Our objective was to create a logo that was straightforward, legible and timeless. A logo that would set us apart from others in our local community and in our industry. We wanted a logo that could be developed into its own unique voice and brand.

PrintWorksLapel has been through a lot in its short life, so a vintage, retro, worn aesthetic was the perfect choice to reflect not only our history, but also our future- we are in it for the long haul, bumps bruises and all.

What our logo displays is the obvious "P" in PrintWorks, but more than that, the fact that the letter is not completely closed reflects our openness to learn, that we are open to new ideas and ways of doing things. The implied square shape of the logo represents structure and stability as well as trustworthiness. While the open ends of the square stand for our ability to think outside of the box.

Those who do not think outside the box

are easily contained.

-Nicolas Manetta

The final element in our design is the small circle after the letter P. Circles have no beginning or end and therefore represent community and friendship and unity. It represents the type of long-term relationships that we have and want with our customers. The color orange means playfulness, creativity and energy. This is demonstrated in how we approach our work. We dive in full of energy and creativity ready to help and solve the visual and printing problems presented to us.

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